What Was The Difference Between The Treatment Of The French And The Spanish With Native Americans?


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Both of the European nations (France and Spain) had a similar mission of spreading Christianity (the Catholic version) amongst the Native Americans. Nevertheless their mode of preaching differed a lot from each other. The Spanish used to use the approach of force to convince and convert the Native Americans to the Catholic faith.

On the contrary, the French settlers were relatively amiable and a lot more compassionate than the Spanish colonists. French people lived amicably with Native Americans and did not treat them with inferiority. The French settlers also learned to speak the Native American language and unlike the Spaniards, the French made no effort to enslave the native population.

Also they learned to build canoes from Native Americans. Instead the relationship between the French colonists and the Native Americans had reached such a point where there were marriages between the French and the Native Americans. Many French colonists married Native American women.

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