What was the clothing and footwear of the southwest desert region native Americans?


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The southwest desert region was populated by Apache Indians and in fact there are many still living in these parts, though they are much more modernised now and nearly all speak English.

Men would wear leather warrior shirts and breechcloths when the weather was warm. Buffalo skin was worn when the weather dropped cooler as these provided warmth. Moccasin shoes or boots embellished with beads and/or fringe were worn by both men and women.

Women wore dresses made from buckskin but also wore warrior shirts like the men. Their hair was either left long and free or pulled into a bun and fastened with a hair ornament called a nah-leen.

Eventually, the Mexican influence meant that they started to wear white tunics, vests and clothes made from colourful cottons.

Apache women were expected to take care of all domestic chores including cooking, looking after the children, making clothes and collecting firewood. They also had to defend their Apache village in the event of an attack.

Women even had to build their home, called wickiups - sounds like Wikipedia with hiccups doesn't it? :-)

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