What Are The Benefits Of Studying Electrical Engineering?


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Electrical engineering is a challenging but rewarding and exciting field in which to study. It is a fast advancing area, which is having an important impact on shaping the modern society. By studying electrical engineering you will be enabled to understand the significant advancements and developments in modern technology and you will also be prepared to play a role in shaping the future of the world.
Many recent graduates who studied in the Department of Electrical Engineering have gone on to work in a vast range of fields. These fields include but are not limited to engineering areas such the fabrication and design of microprocessors and computers, the design and research of integrated circuits and optoelectronics, the management and designing of communication systems, and image processing and advanced signal for environmental surveying. It is also used in data transmission across the internet and medical imaging.
A very large percentage of graduates of electrical engineering also go on to study at the top graduate schools and professional universities in various countries. Some Other graduates have discovered that an electrical engineering background can be the basis of a career in business, law, government, finance, and medicine.
IN short electrical engineering is a fast growing and very lucrative field. If you wish to pursue it, all the best!
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I have a background in software, but I felt a bit frustrated when try to use/create something really concrete. So my intention when I am studying Electrics is merge both created software with created hardware to achieve automation aims.
I am 44 years old, and feel me young and still studying electrics. Maybe in near future I will go to electronics.
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Too many to be explained briefly.
Many young people choose the easy way out, by obtaining easy degrees like business, etc. Electrical Engineering degree is one for people oriented in math and physics, both very involved sciences. Therefore, the job opportunities are for one of endless possibilities, and of better statistics.
For people, such as I am, who dislike routine jobs, Electrical Engineering offers this ever-growing and very diverse professional life.
If you like problem solving and constant changes, this will be the right path for you.
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The sphere of influence of computers and the world of electronics has increased manifold today. The various wireless devices literally dominate our lives. We, our personal lives and business, are governed by the calculations and access that is now possible on account of the Information and Communication Revolution that we are a part of. This has in turn, opened up new avenues for employment within the industry. Electrical engineering is one such faculty that gets personnel geared to handle the complexities of the engineering discipline.

Electrical engineering is often referred to as electronic engineering too, within the industry and otherwise. It is a professional discipline dedicted to systems engineering and deals with the application of electricity and electro-magnetism within the paradigms of the base industry. The field banks on the commercial electrical power supply and covers a range of sub-studies including dedicted electronics, control systems and operations and telecommunication. A student of electrical engineering can apply his or her knowledge to any of the spheres of influence of the technology, which today is applicable to practically the operations of all. The avenues are many and within every computing industry. The knowledge makes the students versatile and they are easily absorbed into any tech environment.
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By studying of Electrical or Electronic Engineering we have our own electrical workshops by studying electronics.
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