What Are The Wishes Of Helen Keller In Her Essay "Three Days To See"?


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It is the reverie of Helen Keller, the world-famous blind and deaf American lady. She tells us what she would do if she were blessed with eye-sight just for three days. Before embarking on her imaginative journey, she makes some reflections. She says that it would be a great blessing of God if all human beings were made blind and deaf only for three days. Only then will they be thankful to God for their faculties and in future, will use them properly.

She says that on the first day of her sight, she would feast her eyes on the faces of her friends and relatives whom, so far, she has known only by touch. First of all she would look at the angelic face of her beloved teacher, Mrs. Anne Sullivan Macy.It was she who opened the secrets of the world to her with her kind and patient guidance. She would look at the faces of her most faithful dogs. She would look lovingly at the different articles of her house which so far, she has used without seeing. In the evening, she would enjoy a long walk in woods and fields to feel the beauty of nature. At night, she would remain all wakeful because of excitement.

On the second day, she would see the New York Museum of Natural History. It would give her an idea of the progress of life on this planet from the earliest times to the present day. After that, she would visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In the evening, she would enjoy a theater.

On the third day, she would see the real busy life around her. She would see Forest, Hills, Long Island, East River, Empire State Building, Fifth Avenue and Park Avenue one by one. She would enjoy hustle and bustle of life on busy crossings. She would see laborers working in mills and children playing in the parks. She would spend the evening again in a theater. At midnight, she would replace again in to the permanent darkness of her life, but with a difference. Now, the bright memories of these three days will shine forever like candles in the long dark night of her life.
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That god gives her the sense of seeing for only 3 days

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