Reason Why Do People Go Into Business?


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According to one poll the most common reason for going into business is because there is a family firm you can join - so it's the easiest option. Of people who choose to go in for themselves, the typical reasons are wanting more control or not wanting to work for other people. Money is not the main motivator in most cases, and in fact many succesful business people say it;s not a good idea to focus solelly on making money.
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People engaging in business , because the money is in the business not in employment.
In business theirs a possibility to earn a lot of money while the employment mostly our salary is fixed.
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Business gives power to earn money.
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Business, oh business! It is taken on by some to attain the peak of their satisfaction. In referenece to Abraham Maslow- attainment as also an essential need of man. It is also indulge by an individual in order to self dependent, and have mmuch time to explore and exploit chances. Friend, it is also 'done for great gains'(money).
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For making profit.
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So they have something to call there own. They have there own job and work for themselves. And so they could make money
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To have a source of income,.
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Because they are driven by something.

Things that May Drive People into Business

1.) They're good at it.

2.) Profit

3.) They like being a boss.

4.) They like the sense of status.

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