Can You Describe Some Features Of Urban Life?


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People, too many darn people.
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What's the answer?
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The question? Why are there so many annoying plebeians in urban living. We aristocrats are more sophisticated and partial to suburbia.
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Describe some of the reforms
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It must not be forgotten that modern knowledge has not made itself felt regularly, nor even universally. Some areas notably Russia, Pakistan and the Orient are still dominantly agricultural; and their cities do not display the uniqueness of cities as we know them in the West. Generally speaking, they still follow the very old pattern of self-sufficient entities drawing their support from and hi turn serving, fairly well defined areas.

The size and nature of any city will be resolute by the amount of agricultural produce and the foodstuff obtainable to support it, and by the nature and make bigger of the goods and services which the city is ready to supply to the area from which it draws its nourishment, essential all of this exchange, of course, is the continuation of sufficient transportation facilities, indeed, transportation is implied in the very concept of trade; and no city can grow beyond the limits imposed by the available means of transport.

The mechanization intrinsic in the industrialism of the present day has intensified the division of labor. Specialization has in turn narrowed the professional interest and function of the individual to such a scope that only a fraction of his possible talent is utilized.

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