Can You Send Me Application Forms For Matric Learnership?


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Matric learnership is also known as matriculation. It is most common in South Africa and refers to high school study and the graduation or completion of this and the subsequent certification and qualification gained as a result of participation. It also refers to the minimum entry requirement for university in South Africa.

In South Africa, the school leaving exams are known as 'matric exams' and are sat by grade 12 students. The end results on passing are Senior Certificate Examinations, whilst a National Senior Certificate is received for completing the study period.

Other countries, such as Brazil, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia and Pakistan do also have matriculation. All of these, bar Malaysia, are similar to South Africa in that they are for some form of educational completion, but in Malaysia it is a separate program.

In Malaysia, the public university and the Ministry of Education (MOE) run matric learning programs. The university options are limited, but the government offering can act as a stepping stone into university in Malaysia, or even the United Kingdom and New Zealand, who in many cases recognize the MOE matriculation the government offer as the equivalent of college studies.

Application forms can be found on the website of the Ministry of Education at the link below.
Anyone looking for applications for matric studies in the other mentioned countries should consult the website of their local schools or colleges where they will find application forms.

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