How Do I Calculate Pounds (lbs) Into Stones(st)?


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The old imperial weight of stones is used in UK, while elsewhere people weigh themselves in pounds, or under metric systems, in kilograms.
The equivalents are listed here.
I pound =16 ounces.
I stone = 14 pounds
I kilogram =1.000grams or 2.2pounds, or the weight of a litre of water.
So to go from stones to pounds. You would take the stones figure and multiply it by 14 to get the result.

So for example if you were 7.1 stone you would weigh around a 100 pounds, which would make you rather skinny.
If you were 14.2 stone that would make you around 200 pounds and much less skinny.
If you were between 10 and 11 stone that would make you around 140 to 155. which is about average.

You can convert stones to kilos in the same way, so if you were
10 stone you would be 63.50kg which is slim.
If you were11stone =69.85kg
12 stone =76.20kgs
13 stone =82.55kgs and so on.....
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Pounds and Stones are part of the same Imperial measurement system, in that Stones are made up of exactly 14lbs each.

Therefore this easy calculation can be made:

If you have 156lbs, and would like to know how many Stones this is, simply divide by 14 = 11.14.

From this you can work out that 156lbs is just over 11 Stone.
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14 lbs I a stone
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I'm 15 stone what is that in lbs
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If you want conversion in American pounds then 1stone=14website pounds and for more details about pounds to stone conversion, visit this
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