How Do You Convert 10 Kg Into Lbs?


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The best way to convert kilograms into pounds (metric to imperial) is to use the approximate conversion which is 1 kg = 2.2 lb. This would mean that to find the answer to 10 kg is to times the number by 2.2.

10 x 2.2 = 22 lb.

You may also want to convert in the other direction, so from pounds to kg. This is a little more complex to do - but not at all hard. You need to divide the amount of lbs you have by 2.2. For example, 7.7 lb/2.2 =3.5 therefore 3.5 kgs is equivalent to 7.7 lbs.

Now that we live in a multi unit society, there are many other conversions that are done, you can convert inches to cm which are more widely used now. Feet are now fading away and we are using cm more and more in everyday life. There's not just weight and length that has changed, so many units are now so different. Litres have already taken over gallons too. When you think about it, almost everything is now in metric all around the world.

The reasoning for this is so that everything is divisible by the number 10 and therefore divisible by 100 and 1000 and all denominations of 10. Putting a decimal point on any of these is also much easier as you do not have to convert fractions of inches or 1/8 of a lb.

Metric is now universal and is most widely used throughout the world. There are some places where imperial measures are still used but in a many countries, it is required that packaging should have metric measurements. It can still have imperial if the manufactures wish to have this in there but they must have the metric as well.

This is also true of schooling, in schools, metric is taught in math and this is the standard that is now deemed as the expectable way to weigh and measure.
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A kilogram is 2.2 pounds so you should multiply 2.2 by 10 to get your answer.
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Can u tell me plz what is "lbs". does it mean "pound". I understood that 1kg = 2.2 pound, but what is lbs??
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1 kg multiply by 2.2 lbs

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