How Do I Convert Kg Into Stone?


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One kilogram in stone is 6.35029318. Converting from kilograms to stone is really easy if you remember that there is roughly six kilograms to every stone - so for a rough estimation of how much something weights, then times the amount in stone by six. If you weight ten stone, then you can assume that you weight roughly 60 kg.

This kind of conversion is particularly useful for people that live in the United Kingdom, given that the stone measurement is generally not used in many countries these days. In fact, the stone is a unit of mass within the imperial units system and is only used in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Formerly the measurement of mass was used in a number of Commonwealth countries, but today it is relatively unused in places other than the UK and Ireland.

One stone is equal to 14 pounds, or as mentioned, around six kilograms.

A kilogram, however, is the SI base unit of mass. One gram is defined as one thousandth of a kilogram. It is a more modern form of measurement and is used in a number of countries including many European countries and the United States. Given its popularity it is considered a near universal form of measurement that allows people from all cultures to understand how heavy something is.

If you convert between stone and kg quite often, then just remember the number mentioned above, This will allow you to convert quickly and easily, obviously with the use of a calculator (or in your head if you only need a rough translation).  You could even use one of the many online calculators that are now available. Simply perform a Google or Bing search and you will be presented with many websites that allow you to type in your quantities and it will do all the converting for you.
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The way I do it is to first convert the kilos into pounds (by multiplying the kilos by 2.2) then convert the pounds into stone (by dividing by 14).

So 100 kilos is 220 pounds which is 15.7 stone.

This only gives an approximate answer, though in this type of conversion, approximate is usually good enough.

Hope that helps.
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There are exactly 0.157473044 Stones in 1 Kg.

For ease of calculation, it would be wise to assume that 1 Kg is equivalent to 0.16 Stone.

To work out weight in Stone from Kg:

Multiply 0.16 by the amount of Kg. For example 80Kg is approxiamately 12.8 Stones.
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94kg into stones

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