What Is The Last Letter Of The Greek Alphabet?


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The last letter of the Greek alphabet is omega.  The first letter is alpha and a common saying used to be 'From Alpha to Omega' which has in recent times been updated to 'From A to Z', meaning running through the full range:  From the beginning to the end.

The actual word omega actually means the great o.  (Mega meaning great in Greek).  Thus the term omega is still used as meaning the last of a series or the final development.  In other words, the pinnacle of achievement.

Alpha is still used within the phonetic alphabet to signify the letter A.  It is also used in astronomical terms to describe the chief star in a constellation.  The phrase 'alpha male' is used in common language to describe a successful man who is very driven and ambitious (alpha female is also becoming more common in usage).  However,  we don't have the term Omega male.
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Omega ( Ω ) Is The Last Letter Of The Greek Alphabet.
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Omega. Fun Fact! I'm greek!
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Omega. The symbol for the lowercase is similar to a "w" but curvy. And the capitalized Omega is a "C" slanted to where the open portion is face down.
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Omega. I learned it from that song that goes: "He's the alpha and omega! The first one and the last!"

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