What Is Main Difference Between A MDI Form And A Standard Form?


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The visual basic provides forms of different types that have different uses. The MDI form and standard forms are two of them .There are so many differences between these two types of forms.

First and main difference is that a MDI (multiple document interfaces) form can contain many child forms while acting as a parent form. These child forms are standard forms. In a project of visual basic there can be only one MDI form and many child forms.A standard form is a simple type of form that is mostly used in single document interface applications and in multiple document interface applications as child forms.

The icons that are used to represent these two types of forms are also different from each other. A single square shaped icon represents a standard form while the icon for a MDI form consists of two squares, one large and one small in size. The large square is for parent form and small icon is for child forms. One of these two squares is always darker than other which indicates that either it is a parent form or a child form.Unlike the standard form, a MDI form can contain only those controls that have an Align property.

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