What Are The Different Parts Of A Graph?


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As I'm sure you know there are a number of formats a graph can be displayed in, however there are certain elements that are usually present in any type of graph.

X and Y axis
  • In most cases you will have an X and Y axis for your graph if you need to depict certain data. This will enable you to show your findings a lot clearer as well as display the correlation. The X axis will be shown in a horizontal line that will be presented at the bottom of the graph, and the Y axis will contain information in the vertical line of the graph.
  • When you create any form of graph you will have to select a range that you are going to adapt to present your data. Initially you will most likely make a spreadsheet of data you've collected and then electronically the range will be created for you to depict your comparable results.
  • In any form of graph whether it be a line graph, bar chart, or pie chart, you will have to label certain areas of it. This is vital because it will allow people to understand what you are showing.
Upper and Lower Limits
  • In order for people to understand the extent of your data you should make it clear what the limits are on both axis. This will help display the information better as well as explain the variations and similarities that you may have found in your research.

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