What Conclusions Can You Draw About Similarities And Differences In The Organization Of Patient Files · What Similarities Differences Are There In The Handling Of Loose Reports Within Small, Medium, And Large Facilities?


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Differences: Most all large facilities, especially ones joined under the umbrella of a large medical center in larger towns, have electronic medical records on patients. This is done for several reasons and is to be required to be in "working operation" to be able to receive money from gov't.
Most small places have more similar in their organizations of how they chart patient files....large folders, colored alphabet with the first letter of last name on edging of patients folders/charts.
Loose reports, for instance xray reports, letters from other physicians, are then filed in the same chart. A single file folder can be used in small offices, but if a patient begins to have a rather full chart, to be more organized and time saving, a divided folder is used.
Medium facilities if not already using the electronic medical records will be already in the process of finding a vendor and software to change over.

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