Who Wrote 'The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes'?


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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. It was published in 1892 and was the third Holmes' story to be published.
Arthur Conan Doyle was a Scotsman who was born in 1859 in Edinburgh, to Irish parents. He attended Edinburgh University and it is rumoured that he based the character of holmes on his University Professor, Joseph Bell.
This was never publicly revealed at the time, no doubt due to some 'poetic licence' which had been taken with the charcter. Holmes had a significant yearning for the use of opiates. He was also portrayed as a character who suffered from bi-polar disorder (a condition formerly known as manic depression). It is not thought that Professor Bell shared these characteristics, more the analytical and observational skills which Holmes had so acutely developed.
Conan Doyle wote many other works, besides Sherlock Holmes books, including the 'Professor Challenger' stories, but none are as universally remembered in the same was as the Sherlock Holmes' books.

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