Who Is Sir Philip M. Sherlock?


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Philip Manderson Sherlock was born in 1902 in Jamaica. He was educated there and
obtained first class honours in the University of London external BA degree in 1927. One
of the fathers of West Indian letters, with a tireless and scholarly interest in all things
West Indian, and the folk traditions in particular. He has spent a lifetime as an educator,
first in Jamaican schools, and then, from its inception in 1948, at the University of the
West Indies, which he headed as President (Vice-chancellor) from 1963 to 1969. Since
then he has been Secretary to the Association of Caribbean Universities and Research
Institutes Foundation, based in Miami. After a distinguished record of public service, he
was knighted in 1967. He has published sixteen book, mainly educational works on
folklore and Caribbean history. His poetic output has been small but impressive, making
a significant contribution to the literary renaissance which accompanied the nationalist
movements of the (nineteen) forties and fifties.

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