Where Can I Find Past N3 Exam Papers In Electrical Engineering(heavy Current)?


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You can find past N3 exam papers at the following websites:


At the time when the question was being answered these sites were the top ones for having the N3 Exam papers from past years.

  • Ask your professor
If you wish to have an exam document for electrical engineering for the N3 exam, you may want to ask your professor. Your professor may have changed the exam and would be willing to allow you to study the old one in order to prepare for your upcoming test. They will probably not give you the answers, but they may give you the test.

  • Ask fellow students
If the professor is unwilling to do this you can also search by students. There are probably students at the university or that you can track down who took the class. You will want to see if they have their old exam papers. This may help you study better for the test.

  • Search on
Otherwise, the best answer we could find is the above websites. These sites stated they did have the old exam papers for the N3 electrical engineering test you asked about. Nothing is always absolute, so you may want to do a Google or other search engine search on your own to find other sites.

If you really want the old exam you will eventually be able to locate a site that is willing to at least sell it to you. You may not be able to download it for free, so be prepared for that as well. When money can be made others usually try to obtain it.

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