How Many Colors Are There In Color Wheel?


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There are:
*3 primary colors
*3 secondary colors
*6 tertiary colors

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Color wheel represent different shades of colors. Conventionally the color wheel represents twelve colors.    • 3 Primary colors.  • 3 Secondary colors.  • 6 Tertiary colors: Made by mixing both the primary and secondary colors.    Most of the artists use this color wheel which is made up of 2 colors i.e. RYB model (red/yellow/blue) and by mixing these RYB get secondary colors which includes orange, green, and purple. Wheel based colors are also used for all computer-based color. Computer base colors are known as CYM (cyan, yellow and magenta).    Newton invented a color wheel and is known as Newton's circle of colors.    Shades and tints:    The color wheel is composed of pure colors and for each color there are the lighter and dark shades and tones. Shading is done by adding black color or by removing light or white colors. These shades are some times called dark or deep colors. Dark/Deep shades of orange, yellow and red are labeled as browns.    By removing the black color or by adding white color or light color the lighter version of color will form and are called tints. These tints are at times known as light or pale colors. Sometimes very light tints are often referred to as pastel colors.
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6+3+3= 12 There are 12 all together.
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There is: Red, Yellow, Blue- 3 primaries
  Purple, Orange, Green- 3 secondaries
  and 6 tertiaries!

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