How Many Countries Spell "Color"?


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The official Canadian spelling for the word is "Colour". The only country to spell it "Color" is America, officially.
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Omission of the 'u' in words like colour, favourite, behaviour etc.
Has more to do with influences from Latin America and Spain than
anything else.

The spellings are not incorrect, but rather accepted
variations. A big reason why the general American accents and
dialect are so easy to listen to and understand is because of those
romantic language influences (Spanish and French).

America is a
black sheep. We just do things differently here. Luckily the country
gets the kind of exposure it does, otherwise visitors would get the same
cultural shock we do when we visit other countries.

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American spell 'color' , and countries that adore american may copy them, such as japan where american english is taught in school.
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This site has a list of countries where English is the spoken language as well as their population. You can calculate percentages with your favorite spread sheet or, if you are old fashion, a calculator.
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Haha, thanks.
I was kinda looking for figures, as well. Like, in the English speaking world, what is the percentage that use the American spelling, or something like that.

I've always thought that it was only America and Canada that spell it like that, but apparently a lot of Canadians spell it the British way, or so I read.

I probably didn't word the question right. Sorry!
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America was colonized by several different countries!!
The south was mostly French and Spainish.  The East Coast was mostly English ; )
And we can't forget the Natives.. America is a huge melting pot full of so many different cultures.. So of course that makes up different ways of everything!
Americans speak New English as opposed to Old English ; ) We have Webster to think for that ; )
Hey, this spell check is in American English!! I win! Jk.
I do think that obviously the British way of spelling is correct.  And as for the accents.. There are many different English accents.. In England, Ireland, Scotland, South Afirca, America, Canada.. Why some Americans even sound Canadian.. The list could go on of course, but I think you understand.  Everyone pronounces words they way they want or by whatever influences them.
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Latin, people...latin. Have you not heard of it? COLOR is from latin. COLORES, is the plural of LATIN. That's where it comes from...not from the English in Britain :P Even the Spanish spell it COLOR.

As much as the British talk negative about the French, you got the adding of the you in your words from them. Get your facts straight.
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Oh and america should spell favorite like this
favourite not favorite  favourite and america doesnt use the metric system why can't america be like austrailia in australia thay spell center like this "centre" not center,  centre I like the spelling colour and favourite and things like centre and metre yes
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This IS absolutely ludicrous, I tell you! Why on earth would the British pronounce the word colour (we Americans spell as color) as the way we Americans spell color the way it sounds: And NOT as the British should pronounce it as color
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Actually we british pronounce it Culer but thats ridiculous and seeing how the americans originated from england therefor the british spelling of it is the correct one also if you pronounce it correctly and not just skim over the word you pronounce the you, c-o-l-oour- or something like that, I can't explain that with you hearing it, anyway, the bottom line is, american spelling = wrong. British spelling = Right

Live with it.
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Actualy america was colonised by the spanish before tha brittish
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Actually the French first colonised (UK, AU, NZ, SA, sometimes Canada) / colonized (US, sometimes Canada) North America. We should be speaking French and spelling the word "couleur"!

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