Who Wrote 'Charlie And The Chocolate Factory'?


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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Magic Finger, The BFG (Big Friendly Giant) and many other record-breaking books, it is not a surprising fact, were written by probably the world's greatest story-teller Roald Dahl.

Charlie is a small boy, who, like other boys of his age, wonders what goes on in the world's greatest Candy Factory, which is run by the strange Willy Wonka. This factory makes all kinds of strange things, including Bubble gums that never lose flavor and Ice-Cream that won't melt for hours.

Luckily, Willy Wonka announces that he has hid five golden tickets to his factory in wrappers of his chocolate bars. Five lucky children with those special tickets happen to get a chance to visit the factory_____ something no one has ever done before, as Willy Wonka had turned out all his workers because other Candy-makers sent spies to get the secret recipes for his strange and unique candy.

Charlie, with only one special bar of chocolate a week, somehow manages the Golden Ticket, and gets the whole factory. Willy Wonka also reveals that one special child out of the five will be given a special gift.
A remarkable and truly surprising ending makes this story one of the best that has ever been written.
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Ralf Dolf

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