Can You Give Some Examples Related To Pure Research?


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2 examples of pure research
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Many organisations have implimented flexible working hours, where employees can come in & leave as long as they clock the stipulated minimum workin hours per week.
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A psychological survey- Questions like, "Have you ever attempted
suicide" etc. Can be used for graphs in the paper, etc. To prove
shocking points. (persuasive effects, etc.) Also for the counslors to
know what to talk about and what the people are like.

A movie survey- A survey on what you think about movies! Questions like
"Did you like the Pink Panther and Why". Can be used for reviews on
movies, etc. To talk about how Good a movie was, or something along
those lines.

A Simple All-Around Survey- Can be found on the internet. Questions
range from everything TO everything. Usually extrememly long, and made
just for fun.
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Pure research is also called basic research which provides knowledge about understanding relations.
To find out more about the definition and examples, click on the link below:

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