Difference Between Fundamental And Applied Research In Brief, Do You Know?


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Fundamental research is research that is carried out in an attempt at discovery, and has been described as being curiosity driven. When people undertake fundamental research they do so in order to learn about what it is they are researching, and as such it very often leads to new insights. From this basis, it is possible for new developments and solutions to old problems to be considered.

One of the characteristics of fundamental research is that the results can often be unpredictable and unexpected. It also needs the person or the people who are doing the research to have open minds as to what they actually discover, as opposed to having a pre-conceived notion of what may occur and so only addressing what they believe to be pertinent. It is also necessary for what may appear to be unrelated facts to be taken into consideration. This means that fundamental research has often got to be multidisciplinary by its very nature.

Applied research differs from fundamental research because it is used to solve actual problems rather than just a way of gaining knowledge. This means that many scientists use applied research in an attempt to resolve some of the many very real issues that face the modern world, such as improving crop production; treating or curing particular diseases; and improving the energy efficiency of buildings, and transportation.

There are some scientists who feel very strongly about the two different types of research and who believe that more emphasis should be placed upon applied research in a concerted effort to improve the human condition, and the future of the world as a planet; a necessity brought about by problems such as over population, the over-use of the earth’s resources, and pollution.
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Research can be done for two purposes: One is to solve an existing problem faced by the managers in the work setting, demanding a timely solution, For example a particular product may not be selling well and the manager might want to find the reasons for this in order to take corrective measure. Such research is called applied research. The other is to generate a body of knowledge by trying to comprehend how certain problems that occur in organizations can be solved. This type of research is known as Fundamental or basic research.

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