Can You Write A Note On The Four Styles Of Communication?


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There are different styles of the communication which are used by the many business in order to make the communication flow. There are basically two type of the communication style one is the centralized communication and the other is the decentralize communication. So this depends upon the business management to decide which kind of communication style is necessary for the employee and for the business to communicate with each other using a single platform.

So in the large business organizations the management prefers to use the decentralized communication system because the communication is very necessary for the business. So in the large organization there is a use of the centralized communication system. Many organization uses to prefer the system decentralized because it leads to the free flow of communication as well.

These are the two philosophies which the management can use in order to implement in the business. There are two other styles of communication which is horizontal communication and vertical communication. So vertical communication is use to move the information from downward to upward and other one is horizontal communication which is used to communication employee to employee.

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