Which States Were Called The Border States During The American Civil War?


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There were four states that remained in the Union as bordering states. These states were: Kentucky, Maryland, Delaware, and Missouri.
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The Southern states had warned beforehand that the election of Abraham Lincoln as the next president of the United States would result in the secession of the Southern states. The threat was not a hollow threat as it was acted upon at the earliest possible instance as soon as Abraham Lincoln won the presidency race and got elected as the sixteenth president of the United States.

South Carolina was the first state to secede and following its example six other Southern states also seceded from the Union. However there were some Southern states that were still part of the Union just in their loyalty and patriotism to the United States. These states were eight in number and were still joined to the Union. All of these states were called the Border States, which were prone to secession anytime in case there is any mention of ending slavery as all of these Border States were slave states.

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