What Are The Ways To Avoid Forgetting Homework?


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I struggled with this for years.  It wasn't until college that I found a system that worked for me.  With all these suggestions you do have to pick the one that works for you.  For me, having a small spiral notebook that contained nothing but homework assignments was my solution.  I used tiny post-it notes to highlight the most important things that might be due  at a later date such as reports or bookreviews .  Post-it notes can be moved around from week to week.  Some assignments are given well in advance and you need to start working on them.  However in reality, most of us do them at the last possible moment so moveable post-its help keep these things in mind from week to week.  Sunday night was my time to organize my week.  I would look over the weeks assignments and make sure I had turned in everything I was supposed to do.  Most teachers give you a 0 for assignments that you forget to turn in!  You can turn them in late with a note explaining why it is late.
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Write it down on a daily schedule similar to a day timer. This reinforces not only your memory but also your organizational skills and is applicable to a real job. Business people, attorney's, Doctors and most all professionals keep a daily schedule to remind them of just such events on a daily basis. You will get into the habit of writing down and reviewing several times a day the activities and deadlines you need to fulfill and meet.
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My trick to never forget it was being ritualistic about it. In other words do it at the same time every day.And get to school a little early and then I would finish up anything not done in homeroom. Then you can sell your answers to the highest bidder LOL
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When finished with your homework in the evening, review, and check against your homework list.  Then put the homework into the corresponding class folders and straight into the bookbag.  This is what worked for our daughter, after she finally began to grow up and get the big picture, that is.

I'd say good luck, but that's not what you need.  What you need is DISCIPLINE.
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Well, I found out that keeping an agenda or planner is really good. The format is rows and columns labeled for you. They also usually have a place where you can record projects and essays due, and sometimes study tips, citing work, and an address book at the end or front. Some agendas for middle and high school have this hall pass section at the end when you need to go to the restroom or office and you have your teacher sign it and you won't get in trouble for "wandering in the halls". You can get them online (there's this company called Premier or something) or go get them at an office store. They're worth buying. If you can't get one, then get a small spiral notebook that looks different from your other notebooks and make columns and rows and label subjects. Be sure to put in the date. I think this is the best way to remember to do your homework. Before you get ready to go to school put your homework someplace where it's impossible to miss (like by the front door). What I do is prepare everything I need the next day (homework in backpack, etc.) and put it near the front door so that the next day I can just grab it and go. Hope this helps... Comment!
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Home work is meant to be done at home but if you know you forget often why cant you do it in your class before leaving for home or possibly putting it around the area where you always go often.You can even try this,write home work on a card bord and place it in your room,bed ,toilet ,dinning area or anywhere you think you always go often and often
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#1 - You'll get in trouble if caught doing homework during class, and
#2 - You'll fall behind in your class work.

Let's be realistic about this.
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When you get home put your cell down somewhere, then, put your books on it, this will remind you that you can't be on your phone until you are done with the homework. Sounds good to me. Hope this helps.
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When you are all through with your homework, put all the necessary notebooks, etc. In your bookbag/backpack, and put it right in front of the door you leave from!! Then you will surely not miss it!!!
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I never had this problem, and found agendas to be annoying. Mainly because A: School enforced agendas FORCED you to use them, write what they write, yadi-yada. B: If the school didn't enforce it, then the teacher gave you no time to write it down.

My natural pattern was to come home, relax for about 1 hour, do my homework, than do whatever until bed. Because I did this everyday since 1st grade, I never had a problem. If I needed to do certain pages in a text book, then I would write that down in a notebook. I had a different notebook for each class that did book work. Since I was already writing notes for class, I did not have to struggle with getting out another book to write the stuff down in.
I also have a good memory, so I usually only had assignments in my notebook. I did not need to take notes. (Which made me angry when note-taking was mandatory.)

I know that this won't work for most people, but it was my pattern. I also skipped a grade, and then graduated early. But since the question was looking for different people's methods, hopefully I won't get marked down for sounding unhelpful. This was my method, you will most likely need your own.
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1. Write it on your hand
2. Put on the banner of your cell phone
3. Make it an alarm on your cell phone
4. An agenda planner
5. Write it and say it 10 times every hour of the day
6. Put it somewhere you look daily...the mirror
7. Ask your friend to remind you
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I think you should keep a "planner" for assignments and let people review it to make sure you don't forget anything.

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