Is The Higher Education Is Necessary For Women In This Modern World?


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The aim of higher education is to produce good citizens and men women alike in the modern world, It is perhaps more important for women to acquire higher education, because women are the real character builders of nations. The higher education for women is very important and necessary, an educated women provides good atmosphere to her younger females, higher education helping women to prove their self's in the various files of studies.

Despite all of these facts it is great unfortunate for countries where the literacy rate among women is lower, in some of some of countries and cultures the role of women has been restricted to maintain the house, take care of the children and feeding the family, no one cares about their education and whatever small house –hold work could be done by them did not require education, we have to change negative attitude towards women higher education , with help of higher education most of women around the world are successful in their fields, most of woman become worlds top business woman, President of country, scientist, astronauts, engineer, architect, doctor, artist, models , actress, singer, teacher, Lawyer, judge, sports, education, and lot many other fields of studies and work where proved her self , if she get proper education she is very important part of the nations making them strong.
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A Women's has always been envisaged as that of a wife and a mother. However times are changing. In the modern era work, education and women have become inseparable. It has become imperative that women also acquire education if they are to play a positive role in society.

The benefits of university education are multiple. Women not only gave financially but benefits at the personal, social and cultural level as well.

University educations refine and instills in women confidence and self esteem. It helps them to develop and nurture their own identity. Women are able to crave their own niche in the society. This social status guarantees respect and protects women's rights. It guards the fairer sex against exploitation and abuse. Furthermore, working women augment their family's income and raise living standards. This gives the family, especially the children, an opportunity to experience the best in life. Appropriate schooling, health care and basic necessities of life are all ensured and family's income increases.

Not only this but in a single parent family, a women is fully capable of dealing with all the adversities at the same time whilst bringing up her children in the most comfortable and appropriate environment.

On a personal level, women become more mature, responsible and independent. University education gives women a peek into the real world. This is the opportunity to step out of the sheltered and protected environment of their homes and experience the essence of life. Working women are aware and conscious of the changing world.

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