What Was The Gold Rush And What Were Its Consequences?


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In the year 1848, a man named James Marshall was building a mill for another man called John Sutter on the American River. During his task, James Marshall happened to find gold. The news of the gold spread quickly all around the region and by the next year, which was 1849, many people had started going to California to discover gold and become rich. These people were called the forty-niners (as it happened in the year 1849) and the event was referred to as gold rush.

The gold rush had many influences on the region of California. First of all, because of the news of gold, the population of California increased tremendously. Secondly because of this increase in population, California eventually became eligible to qualify for a state and was annexed to the map of the United States. Thirdly, the diversity in the population of California increased too with all sorts of people pouring in search of gold inclusive of whites, African Americans, Chinese, Native Americans etc. Lastly, with the addition of California, the Manifest Destiny was finally accomplished as the United States owned all the land between the Pacific and Atlantic ocean.
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I don't really know, but I think one of them is, that the population got bigger and bigger, and so the state grew bigger. I hope this will help?♥

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