Will EDD Pay For My Vocational School?


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Before EDD pays for your vocational school, there are things they need to look into first. In order to find out it is best study your background and the benefits they offer on the website then schedule an appointment with them to learn more. Attending vocational school would fall under the Total and Partial Unemployment Category which has several important sections to be read well and understood by anyone who wants to benefit from them.

Some things that should be understood about the EDD:

• In order to file a claim, you must visit the website and go to the eApply4UI application form on top of the EDD homepage. There are answers to various questions posted online. Once you submit this, it will be sent to the Department. This is also the fastest way to make a claim. You can also contact them via telephone, as well as completing a paper application online and printing it. You can send the printed application form to EDD by fax or mail.
• If you have any questions about your claim the best way to get your answers is by contacting them online, or try to find the information in the FAQ page.
• If you are looking for your UI payment, they have an automated telephone system which requires a Personal Identification Number to access the information. Payment is available Mondays to Saturdays from 6am to midnight while 6am to 9pm on Sundays. You should receive your payment or a response from the EDD within 10 days of submitting the Continued claim form, but if you haven't the best thing to do is to contact them directly. In the event that you lose your check, you should also contact them right away.

The EDD provides a number of benefits for vocational and non vocational schooling, but the best way to learn more is to contact them directly.

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