What's Complete Number ?


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I do not know the definition of the complete number
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Write more than a few numbers ruling on the board. These number ruling should be absent the key symbol. For example: 8 6=48. Talk about through the class what is absent from the number ruling. Have students come to the board to put in the suitable symbols. Now, the unique difficulty should be 8 X 6 = 48. Next, confront students to make their own number ruling that are absent the key symbols. Every student is known 3 index cards. The students write one number ruling on each index card. Every student will be creation 3 number ruling. Remind students to make sure to create certain their number ruling is accurate.

Gather all of the index cards that have number ruling. Mix up the cards. Go by out 3 cards to every student. Confront students to complete the number ruling on the cards they have been known. If you would similar to use the cards once more, have students done this step without writing on the cards. After charitable the student's time to complete the number ruling, have each student choose one of the 3 cards they have been known. Now, the students will take twist sharing a card. Every student will demonstrate the card with the number ruling, share what symbol should be used, and explain how he or she came to the decision of which sign to use.

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