WHAT IS 3% OF 150,000?


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Three percent of 150,000 is 4,500. This is a pretty simple equation to work out

  • Work out ten percent of the number first. For a number as big and rounded off as this, working out ten percent is simple, just take a 0 off the end of it. This gives us 15,000
  • From this, we can then work out one percent of the number, by simply taking off another 0, giving us 1,500.
  • Then, just times this number by three to get your three percent. By working out what one percent of a number is, you can then times that amount to any number to work out that percentage of it. This, of course, gives us the answer: 4,500.
If you are at school and having trouble with your maths, do not hesitate to go to your teacher for help or guidance. People often find things easier to understand if they are talking to someone face to face, and it also means that you can ask your teacher questions if you don't understand something. Percentages can be difficult to get your head around at first, but once you know the basics you should have no problems in the future.
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