What Is The Length Of A Kilometer?


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The length of 1 kilometre is 1000 meters. thats mean that a kilometre is made up of 1000 meters! and there are 3280 feets in one kilometre.
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The length of a kilometer depends on the unit of measure in which you want to express your answer, e.g.,

1 kilometer = 1000 meters = 100,000 centimeters = 39,370 inches = 3280.8 feet = 1,093.6 yards = ad infinitum (for any unit of measure for expressing length/distance). Usually, this you/M, unit of measure, will fall within a range from the very small, e.g., the Angstrom, to the very large, e.g., the light year, or an Astronomical Unit.
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Kilometer is the unit of length or distance equal to one thousand meters, equivalent to approx. 3280.84 feet or approx. five-eighths of a mile.
You ask about the length of 1 kilometer then one kilometer is equal to 1000 meters. And one meter equal to 3.28 feet.

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