What Is The 10th Matric Pass Mark?


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The pass marks for the 10th Matric Pass Mark are all different, depending on the subject of the test. For example, for mathematics, a pass level of 30 percent is the minimum mark for a pass. In Life Orientation, the level required to pass the Matric examination will rise to forty percent. These tests are unique, and they are graded according to a level system that differs from the usually assigning of letter grades a, b, c, d, f for tests. Therefore, a mark received may seem too low to be a passing grade, when it is actually a pass.

Studying Tips For Students

• It's important to prepare properly before taking the 10th Matric examination. For some students, learning proper study techniques can be the difference between a passing or failing grade (or level) in the test. To study properly, the key is to eliminate distractions - it's important to be in a quiet place, such as a bedroom, den or library, and to turn off music, Internet, cell phones, and other "time sucks".

• Clearing the mind of distractions and focusing on the exam topic is really half the battle; that's why people who have good study habits generally display excellent self-discipline...they are able to settle down and get to work when it is in their best interest to do so. If a student want to pass an exam like the Matric, then he or she needs to sit somewhere quiet and review the course material again and again until it is understood; this sort of repetition can be the key to retaining knowledge and drawing from it during a test.

If studying alone isn't working out, a study group or tutor may be needed. Luckily, it is easy to find good study groups or tutors in most towns and cities - often, a teacher may also step in to help if he or she is asked to do so.

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