What is the pass mark in WAEC BECE Exams?


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Unfortunately there does not appear to be much specification as to what the pass marks are for individual exams. However - it is possible for candidates to check the results of their examinations through the online service that WAEC offer through their official website http://www.waecdirect.org/
You will need to gather some pieces of personal information about you and your exam before you can proceed with using the service. Firstly - you will need to know the 10-digit of your WAEC examination. This should have been made available to you at some point during examination period.

This number is made up of the 7-digit number that is relevant to the exam center you used, and then the 3-digit number that represents you as a candidate

  • The next stages

Once you have entered the first number you will need to input the year in which you sat the exam. The WAEC holds a database of results that date back to 1991. All years will be available through a drop down box for you to choose from. Then you will need to select the type of examination you sat from the drop down box below that.

  • Where to check your results online

The final stage of this procedure is to input the serial number and PIN number from your scratch card. These scratch cards can be bought through the WAEC National Office and any of its surrounding offices around the country. The PIN number and serial number on this card must both be entered into the system in order for you to check your results online.

If you encounter any problems when checking your results online you can contact the WAEC by email and telephone.

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