How can i check my waec results without buying a scratch card?


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The easiest way to confirm your results would be to simply contact your local WAEC headquarters. Submit your personal and examination details and they should be able to reveal your results, depending on whether you can validate you are receiving your own results and not somebody else's.

  • WAEC.

WAEC stands for the West African Examinations Council and was only established in 1952 for the four British colonies, after the government finally agreed with the council's decisions and ideas.

The council is made up of 60 members who decide the examination legislations and rules and all the financial aspects of exams. They are responsible for awarding certificates, disciplinary actions and the syllabus' involved within the examinations.

  • Scratch cards.

Scratch cards are basically plastic cards which have a scratch pad on the reverse side which hides a pin that students use to access their results on the WAEC website. They are purchased at a price of N350 from the WAEC National Office or any of the Nigerian branches. Scratch cards can also be purchased from any of the Fountain Trust Bank Plc branches across Nigeria or, occasionally, WAEC designate certain outlets to sell them.

  • Other alternatives to scratch cards.

By calling a regional Interactive Voice Response, the system can read out your results over the telephone but this process can be extremely complicated and being placed on hold for long periods of time increases the cost of your phone bill.

GSM mobiles can receive results by SMS but this may take money from your mobile tariff.

On the WAEC homepage, there are options that allow your results to be sent to your email account but it can be difficult to ensure you have selected the correct options as they require very specific details.

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