Where Do I Find Successful Grant Proposal Letters And Templates?


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You only have to type your question into a search engine to find lots of sites and blogs that will give you exactly what you want. There is also a book called Winning Grants, Step by Step by Mim Carlson and Tori O’Neal-McElrath that you may find very useful. It’s available on Amazon for $27.49 (new) or used for $19.83. There is also a book in the Dummies series called Grant Writing for Dummies by Beverly A. Browning ($16.48 from Amazon).

Your grant proposal letter is the most important part of your task as a grant writer because you have to grab the reader’s attention, and keep it. Whatever you put in this letter can either be the deal grabber or the deal breaker, so you have to know how to get it right.

The first thing to do is to make sure that you are sending it to the right person; you need to show that you have done your homework. You need to convince the reader that you have the support of your board of directors and be clear about how much you are asking for, and what it will be used for.

Your cover letter needs to be brief and to get to the point quickly, and it should not be just repeat the information that is set out in the proposal. Your letter should let your reader know how well you understand the funder and how your grant will meet the funder’s requirements and stipulations.

It is a good idea to write the grant proposal letter after you have written the proposal; this way you are more likely to be in a reflective mood and will make a better job of covering all the important aspects. Your letter should be succinct and no more than three or four paragraphs in length, covering one page. Make sure that you stand out from the crowd, as the competition will be fierce.
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I have a blog on grant writing that includes a sample grant proposal library. These are all successful proposals that I have prepared for clients. The focus is on social service projects, but I have also written successful grant proposals to develop low-income housing.  Visit my blog at I hope this is helpful!

--The Grant Doctor

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