What Are The Differences Between Teaching And Learning?


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The difference between teaching and learning is fairly straightforward - they are on opposite ends of the 'learning relationship'.

A teacher is someone who has acquired knowledge, and is working to share that knowledge with others.

A learner is someone who has sought out a teacher, and is trying to absorb and understand the knowledge the teacher is sharing.

What is the difference between a teaching and learning? Because teaching and learning are different, to successfully partake in either activity will require very different skills.

Not all good learners can become teachers, and not all good teachers are naturally good learners either!

The skills required to be a good teacher include:

  • An ability to communicate
  • Patience
  • Leadership
  • Eagerness and passion
  • Knowing how to solve problems and motivate people
The skills needed to be a good student are:

  • Being able to absorb information
  • Ability to follow direction
  • An understanding of critical thinking and analysis
  • An ability to communicate and express oneself
Whilst the role of student and teacher are definitely interlinked, they are also very different. A teacher holds all the power in the relationship, because they have something the learner wants: Knowledge!
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John answered
Information given and learned.

In other words the teacher usually has already learned the information they are teaching while you are learning the information they are giving.

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