What Is The Difference Between Teaching And Instruction?


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Teaching is explaining how something is done while instruction is telling how something is done. These two go hand in hand together but are oftentimes confusing since they're almost similar in meaning.

Teaching is more complex in nature. When we talk about teaching, we are dealing with different techniques, strategies, and approaches that will facilitate learning. Teachers have to come up with varied instructional materials and must use the right strategies in teaching their lessons.

Teaching is also a never ending process. By the time individuals start going to school to the time they graduate and start working, they're involved in the teaching-learning process. They don't only learn from teachers but also from those around them.

This makes teaching both formal and informal. It is formal when it occurs inside the classroom or informal when you learn things outside the portals of the school. For instance, you learn to read and write in school with the help of your teachers. On the other hand, your parents teach you informally about living life and correct values.

When we talk about instruction, it's not as complex as teaching. Instruction is simply giving direction. You instruct someone on what to do and how to do it. For instance, in school you're given instructions by your teachers on how to answer a test or how to perform an experiment. After which, you're simply left to do your work on your own.

Instruction makes learners dependent on the teacher. You're told what to do and oftentimes, there are steps you need to follow. Instructions must be understood and followed strictly in order to accomplish a particular task. Once you fail to do so, you won't be able to finish the task correctly.

Teaching and instruction go together especially in education. Both are needed in helping people learn and develop as individuals.

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