What Is 15 Percent Of 1,200?


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15% of 1,200 is 180.
  • Why should I be able to work out percentages?
It is very important to work out percentages in your head as there will often be times in your everyday life that you find you need to work it out. A good example of when you need to work out percentages is while you are shopping in a sale. There will often be stickers on sale items saying '30% off' or '25% off'. It is important that you know how much discount you will be receiving to decide if this is a good deal and also to confirm that the discounted price goes through the till.
  • How do I work out percentages in my head?
There is a simple way to roughly work out percentages in your head. 100% is the whole so in this case 100% is 1,200. 50% would be half of this so you simply half 1,200. If you struggle to halve 1,200 you should Split it into 2 sections. First of all half the 1000 which is 500. And then half the 200 which is 100. Then add together 500 and 100 which is 600. So 50% of 1,200 is 600. Then to find 25% of it, half it again. Which is 300. To find 12.5%, you half that again, 150. If you are looking for a rough answer, this is a quick and easy way to work out percentages in your head.
  • How do I work out complicated percentages?
To work out the exact percentage you would divide the number by 100 then multiply it by the percentage you are trying to find. Here is an example.
1200 / 100 = 12
12 x 15 = 18
If you are still struggling, you can use this website:
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The answer is 180.
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