How To Make A Business Quotation Letter?


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A variety of business letter templates, including one for a business quotation letter, can be found online at

Using a template as a basis, it is important that a business quotation letter is clear and concise and contains all of the important and relevant information. It is essential to write business quotation letters in response to an inquiry about a service. If these letters are written professionally, they will be the first step in securing a good contract.

  • Headers
When sending business quotations, the letter should be written on professionally headed paper. This header should contain your name, your business name and the business address. It should also contain any other contact details that you feel are necessary. The letter should also be dated for future reference.

  • Letter content
Ensure that at the top of the page, underneath the header, you have clearly marked that this letter is a business quotation. This will make sure that the reader immediately knows who the letter is from and what it is about. If you need to, for your own records, insert a quotation number here as well.

Begin the letter by stating that you are writing prior to a recent conversation with the client. If possible, date the conversation and state how it took place. Then write exactly what the service is that you are willing to supply. Be as specific as possible and include anything that you will want to be paid for here. If you ask for additional payments later on, the client has every right to dispute it as it was not mentioned in the original quote.

Ensure that all of the figures and amounts are correct and separate the labor and material costs for ease of reading.

  • Signing off
Sign off the letter formally and emphasize that the client should contact you for any further information.

A bad business quotation letter could stop you from getting the contract so double check that all of the information is correct before sending it off.
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