My Room Is 12 Ft X 14ft, How Many Square Feet Of Carpet Do I Buy?


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You would need 168 square foot of carpet. Simply multiply 12x14.
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Hello Boss
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Your answer is correct but the question was how many square yards are needed. A 12'X14' room equals 168 square feet and 168 square feet equal 18.666666 square yards. In all reality they would need to purchase 19 yards of carpet to allow for any cutouts or deviation of room dimensions.
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Mati_f was correct. The question was how many square feet not yards.
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To find the area if you are measuring for flooring or something - just take the length x width.

12 X 14 = 168 sf
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You would need 18.6666666 square yards for a 12'X14' room.
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They DID say square FEET. And thats what I gave them. :)
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I stand corrected, Mati was right in her answer, I did misread the question And I apologise for that.
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