How Many Types Of Formal And Informal Letter Writing Are There?


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You will find that there are many different types of formal and informal letters, such as writing to a friend and writing a thank you letter which can all be informal. Whereas writing for a job and to a bank are formal types of letters.

  • Writing to a friend
This is going to be an example of informal writing as you are going to talk to them close to what you would in person. You are not consciously thinking certain things much be included, but instead you simply write what comes to mind.

  • Writing a thank you letter
This can be an example of formal and informal, however, you are going to include much more emotional language which is going to make it sway more to the informal category.

  • Writing to apply for a job
This is the prime example of formal wiring. You are not going to writing as if you are going to be talking to a friend. This is something that is very important and that you have to ensure you make a good impression from.

  • Writing to a bank
If you want to contact a bank for closing certain accounts, then you are simple going to have to ensure that you use formal language. You will not be taken seriously by the company if you are not professional.

There are many more examples that you can find online for informal and formal letter writing. If you think back to past letters you may have written, then this could help you with adding a few more examples of letters and their formal type.

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