What Is The Avg Cost Of Ms In U.k?


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While the cost of a Masters is something that can vary between universities and specific courses, the current average (in 2011) for a one year postgraduate course is £3,000. This price increases for overseas students to £7,000 for an arts subject and £8,000 for a science subject. This cost is just for the tuition fees, it is also important to consider the living fees that will also be involved. These living costs can create up to an addition £6,000 of expenses, even more for those studying in London.

  • Funding.
Although most Masters students choose to fund a postgraduate course themselves, there are a mixture of funding options available. This funding is not accessible to all students and will not always cover all of the costs. The Research Council and the Arts and Humanities Board offer a set amount of bursaries every year. Scholarships are also advertised within the Guardian newspaper, online at the Grants Register and may be offered by a current employer the student is working for.
  • Bank Loans.
Any students who are not accepted or not eligible for a scholarship or bursary will often be able to loan the money for their Masters from a bank. Most high street banks offer a postgraduate loan that can be applied for providing the student can prove their student status and can show how the course will enable them to pay the loan back afterward.

The cost of a Masters is something that needs to be seriously considered before embarking on a postgraduate course. Although the tuition fees may be covered by a loan or funding, there are still living costs to consider. Many postgraduate students choose to carry out their Masters on a part time basis. This enables them to spread the costs of their tuition fees across two years and get a part time job to help provide an extra income.

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