How Do You Find The Domain Of F(x)=(square Root)4x+5?


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I am presuming that in your question you meant to say ‘the square root of 4x+5’ otherwise I am not sure that your question makes complete sense. When you are working out the square root of something you either write ‘square root of’ or you use the little symbol commonly used in maths equations.

In mathematics, the domain is the set input or argument values from which the function is defined. This is typically within the reals but is also sometimes amongst the integers or complex numbers. So the function provides an output or value for each member of the domain. When considering the natural function of a domain, the set of possible values is called its range. The range of F in your equation is the set of all the values that the function takes when  X takes values in the domain. You can think of an argument as an input to the function and the value as the output.

In your equation F(x)= sqrt4x+5, the implied domain is the real numbers that are mentioned. Therefore the values of X give a number greater than or equal to zero. So you have to solve 4x+5 to make zero. 4x = -5 so x = -5/4.

There are also other theories involved in the domain of a functions such as the domain of a partial function, category theory and real and complex analysis.

If you ever get stuck on questions that your teacher or lecturer has set you, then just go to them and ask for help, saying that you are struggling with a particular question or that you don’t understand the concept. They are there to help you and will not judge you for not understanding. There are also mathematics tutorials available on the Internet along with practice questions if you need to have more of a go.
I assume that you intended to say "the square root of (4x + 5)".
The implied domain is real numbers, so that would mean all values of x that would produce a result greater than or equal to zero.

Solve 4x+5 for zero
4x = -5
x = -5/4

The answer is: X greater than or equal to -5/4.
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F(x)=2(square root)x+3
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How do you find the domain of g(x)=(square root) 2+x divided by 3-x
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How do you find the domain of f(x)=x+5 divided by x(squared)+3x-70
represented using interval notation
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"How do you find the domain of g(x)=(square root) 2+x divided by 3-x "
X> -2 or x equal -2
And x not equal 6
=> x>=-2 and x#6
Domain [-2, infinity) -6
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I think you would like to solve this equation. You have asked this question in wrong category.

(Square root)4x+5
so the answer is -2.5

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