My Drivers License In Washington State Is Suspended, How Can I Get It Valid?


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Bruce O answered
I feel confident when I say I'm sure no one here knows why your license was suspended so how could we possibly help ?.Contact the Motor Vehicle Dept in Washington they are the only ones that can answer this for you.
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You can call the dept of licensing in olympia, wa and follow the prompts, the customer service rep can tell you what is suspending your license (could be a ticket, a failure to pay a ticket, failure to appear in court, whatever the case may be), write down the ticket number and then if it has gone to a collection agency (could be alliance one in gig harbor washington) you need to call them and make either a payment plan, or pay it in full, then the collection agency can fax to the dept of licensing, your proof of payment and you can take the next step with dept of licensing, either you license will be reinstated automatically, or depending on how long and to what degree it was suspended, you may need to retest and pay that fee as well. Good luck.
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I already paid to reinstate my license so I'm just tryin to find out how much longer intill it is good

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