Can You Give Me The Summary Of The Essay Entitled Sonia By Francisco Icasiano?


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There is very little information on the Internet (as you are no doubt aware) about either Francisco Icasiano, or of the essay entitled, 'Sonia'. The only thing that is remotely relevant are sites that describe Filipino literature, which begs the question, are you doing a course that needs you to have the answer to this question?

  • Sources of information
If you are doing a course and this is part of the syllabus, or on your reading list, your tutors must have given you something to go on. In all likelihood, they have taught the course before and so will know exactly where you should look.
If you are still struggling, ask the librarian at the college library to help you; you can be sure that if this essay is a requisite for a course, you will not be the first person to ask for more information.

  • Summary
The other thing is: You are asking for a summary of the essay, so this implies that you actually do know where to get the essay from, or that you do have more information on it but, for whatever reason, do not want to do the work for yourself. Instead, you want to be spoon-fed the basics so that you can build on that.

Nobody is in any position to judge whether this is right or wrong because nobody (on here, anyway) knows of the reasons why this may be the case. If you do not have enough time to be able to study this properly and in any depth, tell your tutor; you may be surprised at how sympathetic they can be (after all, they were students too once upon a time).

  • Peers
If this is not possible, have you considered asking one of your peers for some help? If they are studying the same course it is often very useful to get together and thrash something out between you. Not only will you get the help that you need but it can make studying more fun.

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