How Do You Convert Psi To Fps?


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The Solution involves the use of two basic pressure formulas, namely

V= square root of 2hg where:

V= discharge velocity of nozzle or muzzle (ft/sec)

g= acceleration due to gravity (32 ft/sec/sec)

h= velocity head (ft)

An P = 0.433 h where:

P- pressure head (psi)


Take 75 psi

P= 75 psi = 0.433h

h=173.2 ft

V= square root of 2(32)(173.2)=105.3 ft/sec
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Why are you using mixed units? Fps (feet per second) is "Imperial" (or American) measurement as is psi (pounds per square inch) and the area of the BB, while the others are metric. Do you want to crash your BB on Mars along with our space craft?
And 7mm is not a volume. At best in context it is diameter.
The best approximation of an answer would be to apply 600 psi to 0.1753 in^2 to get pounds force on the BB and then convert 0.25g mass to American mass units and pick a distance or time over which to apply the computed acceleration to get a velocity of feet per second. For example, the force might be applied for 1 foot along the length of the barrel. If you are need to know more about Psi To Fps conversions then use this unit converter.

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has been, psi is a unit of pressure and feet per second is a unit of 
speed or with a direction, velocity. If you start with a free body
diagram of the bb, we could calculate a force (600 lb/in^2* projected
area of the bb.  The only force repelling that force is air resistance.
Need whole lots more information to figure out an equilibrium velocity.
If you ignore air resistance, Newtons law tells you the bb will
accelerate until the pressure no longer is pushing on it,so no final
velocity going after it that way either.

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