How To Convert G/L To G/dl?


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To Convert G/L To G/dl you just divide the G/L by 10. This will give you the G/dl. So, for instance, 1 dL is equal 0.1 L or 1 G/dl  is equal to 10 G/L. This is a very simple calculation and will calculate the haemoglobin levels from one to the other easily.

G/L has to be converted to G/dl to get closer and more exact haemoglobin measurements for the medical industry. This is obviously important due to the particular nature of the processes involved with blood.
Haemoglobin is the chemical in blood that prevents blood from continuously flowing after a cut. If you have a cut, haemoglobin causes your blood to clog and the bleeding to stop. People who have a deficiency in iron often find it harder to stop bleeding than normal people without the problem.
Haemophiliacs are people without this chemical in their blood; this means they have to undergo medical treatment and medicines to prevent such issues from happening, if not they may die from blood loss. Even the tiniest cut can have a detrimental effect to haemophiliacs and they risk death from such problems.
Fortunately, medical advances in the recent past have meant treatment is much better than it was for people with haemophilia.
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