How To Convert Rpm To Fpm?


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The calculation that you can use when finding out FPM from RPM is;

FPM = RPM x circumference.

This circumference will either be that of the wheels and the RPM is how many times they go around in one minute.

RPM stands for revolutions per minute. It is used when looking at how many times that something turns in the space of one minute. This is usually used when looking at an engine or other electrical, mechanical system.

FPM stands for feet per minute. This is how far something will travel, in feet per minute and is a way of measuring distance.

This measure of distance is useful when calculating how far something quite small will go. It seems crazy to look at something like a car and measure it in feet per minute but there are some things where the measurement can be useful.

  • Electric wheelchairs. These do not go at a great speed so FPM may be appropriate.
  • Buggies. When you make an electric buggy, FPM may be the measurement that is most accurate to measure the distance it travels.
  • Small mechanical or electric cars. As these are small and therefore FPM is a great measurement to see how far they can go.
FPM is not used frequently as small buggies and other vehicles that are like this are not used by the mass market.

This will, however, come up in lots of different science question papers and will be used in exams and college work. As this is a small amount of space in distance to travel, you may have made things in science class that you have had to measure the RPM and FPM that it travels at.
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In order to convert RPM to FPM, you would use the following formula
RPM = FPM / (Pi x Diameter)
Where P1 = 22/7  or 3.14
and diameter is expressed in ft.
You can go to following link for the chart showing conversions of rpm to fpm
rpm to fpm conversion chart

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