What Is A Typical Timetable For A Child In State Primary School In England And Wales?


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The number of hours dedicated to literacy, numeracy and other subjects is pretty strictly regulated. This is one of the bugbears for critics of the National Curriculum. That said, there are other considerations that schools have to take into account.

Most importantly, in Key Stage 1 (year 2 and below) children's minds are at their best for learning in the mornings. So literacy and numeracy tends to be concentrated in morning hours. Also, the youngest children in Reception (birthdays after 1 March) often only go half-days before January. So the required subjects/hours have to done in Reception during the morning. Afternoons are for revision, learning the school culture and less essential subjects (like P.E.).

Typically, state primary school children have 4-5 hours of actual tuition each day, consisting of mostly numeracy and literacy. In addition they usually get

An one hour lunch break, including about half an hour to play or partake in school clubs.

2 hours of personal, social, health or religious education, including any music.

2-4 hours of special topic (subjects not covered above, like geography, science and art).

2-3 sessions of P.E. a week.

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