What's Another Word For Using?


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  • Other words for 'Using'

It depends what context you are using 'Using' in, but here are some examples of words you could replace 'using' with:


  • What does 'using' mean?

Sometimes it can be easier to find a new word when you fully understand what the word you are attempting to replace actually means. To use something means to give something a purpose and make use of it. Using is an adjective and suggests some kind of action is being performed.

  • The use of 'using' in slang

In popular culture, 'using' can refer to relationships. 'Using' a person will usually suggest that you are using them to your advantage and not for genuine friendship or romantic reasons. This would make the person who is doing the using a 'user' and the person they are using is 'used'.

If a person is a user they are considered untrustworthy and unlikeable as people will never know if they are genuinely being friendly or if they are being nice to gain some kind of advantage. A person may use another person, for example, to use their social network and meet new people or make contacts that could boost their career through the person they are using.

There are certain circumstances where 'using' is acceptable and this is usually in business. People will attend business parties of work colleagues not to enjoy the party but to promote themselves and meet new business contacts. These are often called 'socialisers' and are a way for people to meet new people and use their contacts to meet new contacts. In business you may need to use everyone you know to promote yourself.

A common form of 'using' occurs in relationships after a couple have broken up. Some people may move onto another relationship quickly and use a different person to make their ex jealous.

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